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More on Montessori for Seniors

20 Mar

In my earlier post today about the similarities between people with dementia and very young children, I briefly mentioned Montessori methods as being good for both age groups. The following video shows how one retirement home in Toronto uses Montessori techniques as part of its dementia care programming.

When my son was two, he was given the same clothes pin exercise while attending a Montessori. It helped with his fine motor skills

The L’Chaim Retirement Home is on Sheppard Ave. west of Bathurst St. I’m not familiar with it, but might have to check it out for my mother.

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Prostitution Ring Broken up in Seniors Home

7 Jun

Time for a lighter take on the heavier issues usually tackled by this space.

Could this be a new profit generator for City of Toronto Long Term Care Homes if they were owned and operated by the Ford Brothers?**


Sex in seniors homes isn’t unusual. But sex for sale, and drug dealing, in seniors homes? Could it be more common than we know? What do you think?

**For readers not familiar with Toronto politics or the alleged past behaviors of our mayor and his ubiquitous city counselor brother, a simple search will clarify all references:)

Sandwiched Men Are Out There, Here’s One of Them

26 Apr



So much has been written and said about sandwiched women, you would think the sandwich generation is a “women only” club, but that’s simply false. Men are just as likely to be stuck in the middle between aging parents and their own family. I know this because my older brother is one of those men. Due to proximity, he is the one most likely to tend to my mother’s frequent requests for shopping and transportation. Somehow, between escorting my mother to a scheduled 1:15 pm doctor’s appointment that didn’t happen until 3:30 and getting  down to his real  job, he found the time to offer up the following glimpse into his life:

I’m the executor of my late uncle’s estate. It’s not a job, but it is an all-encompassing responsibility. And it keeps me running from the  lawyer to the bank with the odd side trip to the accountant. I’m also one of two POA’s for my 81 year old mother who has Alzheimer’s, is going blind, and lives in a fashionable retirement home when she needs to be in a nursing home to get the proper care and attention she needs.

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Getting My Mother to the Doctor

6 Mar
My mother as I never knew her, as a confident working woman.

My mother was once a confident working woman.

My mother used to live for doctors’ appointments. And visits with specialists were always a high point for her. She never forgot an upcoming doctor’s appointment, until now.

Mom’s memory is failing and she had forgotten about her appointment with a nephrologist at a major hospital.  This is the reason for the dozen calls I took while with my son at the paedeatrician’s office. It’s important that she be there because her kidneys have been getting weaker. To complicate matters, she also misplaced the requisition form for the absolutely necessary blood tests that should have been completed two weeks prior.  To ensure she keeps the appointment made three months earlier, I arranged for new forms to be faxed to the nursing station at the home so she could have blood drawn at a nearby lab.

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Every Family Has its Issues

24 Feb

Caring for our aging loved ones can be difficult enough. But what if your relationship with an elderly parent is less than loving?

My mother in 1948, the year she met my father. So young, so beautiful, and full of hope for the future.

My mother in 1948, the year she met my father. So young, so beautiful, and full of hope for the future. She brought 50 pairs of high heeled shoes with her to  the retirement home. After I had them removed (upon doctor’s orders)she threatened to have me arrested.

I have written about my uncle and how special he was to me. I can honestly say the time I spent with him in his final years was done out of love and devotion. Unfortunately, when it comes to my mother, the support I provide is done so purely out of a sense of duty. I’m not going into the details, but our relationship has been strained for many years.  Still, she’s my mother, she’s alone, and she’s not well. And I suspect the situation is about to get more challenging.

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