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Seniors Moments

27 Apr

Back for a visit with my mom. Retirement homes like hers in are marketed as lifestyle properties for “mature adults”. It is one of several  in Canada owned by Sunrise Senior Living, a publicly traded U.S. based company.

This residence has nine floors of luxury apartments for residents who need little or no assistance with activities of daily living. There is also a floor for people who need constant care and another for individuals with dementia-related illnesses.

This gentleman lives on the assisted living floor. Right now he’s sitting in the gym with a caregiver and watching my son and his cousin go wild and crazy in the water. The smile on his face makes me wonder if he’s thinking about his own youth.


Family Day? What’s Family Day?

18 Feb

Happy Family Day!

I am already sick of the Harlem Shake, but this version is worth sharing, just because it shows a lighter side of retirement home living.

Watch “Harlem Shake Senior Citizens – Retirement Home in Florida” on YouTube

Whoever says you lose your sense of humor when you get old, probably hasn’t spent much time with old people. Yesterday I eavesdropped on my mother’s 88-year-old estranged brother as he gave my seven-year-old son tips on how to pick up women. My mother and my uncle have not spoken in over 25 years.  They now live two doors apart in the same seniors home and they still don’t speak.  The notion of these warring siblings living in such close proximity during their final years is a source of amusement on both sides of the family divide.

I’m not sure if my uncle realized who I was, or if he grasped that the child he was speaking with is his great nephew. But he looked happy to have a young person pay him some attention.  And as my son and his Great Uncle chatted away, even my mother was smiling at the brother she can’t stand the sight of.

Let’s Take a Tour

17 Feb

Lisa Ling’s retirement home tour with her father brings back memories of similar tours, and similar feelings of resistance from my mother. We even went out for a bowl of noodle soup after one such tour.

Watch “Secret Lives of Seniors: Lisa Ling’s Struggle with her Aging Father – Our America – OWN” on YouTube

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